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This meetup was set up to be inclusive, liberal and minimal levels of authority. The main organiser was authoritarian, unconnected with the members and impolite .

She censored both e mails and dissuasion board where she was challenged over activity. This seems to be the case where she holds a position of authority and refuses to listen for requests either to stand down or call a formal meeting where members views can be discussed fairly and in an adult way. Members who are outside the country have asked to join this group and she has refused their admission , citing their non residence in the groups area as a reason to refuse membership .

She interfered with my event several times and caused the two co organisers to resign. she is still in position and the group as a whole appears to be dwindling .

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New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada #1258188

Aww, poor Libertard.

Better luck next time, Cupcake.

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