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Received an email today from meetup pushing the #resist movement, created meetups for the movements, and banners encouraging people to go to these meetups.For a company that states "has always served as an organizing platform for a wide range of political views, welcoming everyone from the Howard Deaniacs to the Tea Party.

Meetup will always welcome people with different beliefs." starting the next paragraph with "BUT" pretty much sums it up as we will NOT always welcome people that have beliefs differing from "ours". I do not need a company to push a one sided viewpoint of politics on me that has shown they are more about silencing opposing views then letting people decide on their own.

You can go burn down more buildings in support of tolerance and free speech without me.#RESIST MEETUP!

Reason of review: Political Bias.

Preferred solution: To late now, you "a line was crossed".

I didn't like: Politically insulting.


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I live in Australia and disagree with Meetup's resist movement.

Firstly, I'm in Australia.Donald Trump has no writ here.

So why have an anti trump movement all over Australia. Why not Mexico, China, the Philippines, or Germany and Sweden?

Secondly, I disagree with a particular political view being forced upon me.

Grassroots movements use Meetup all the time, let resist grow organically.

Third, I'd delete my Meetup account but for this usefulness in other areas.

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1289256

Instead of #resist, how about #unite. Support a useful dialogue on how we can settle our differences instead of dividing our nation.

to Gary Allen #1289568

I felt the same.Resist is negative.

Unite is much better! I can't believe the company created 1000 Resist meetup groups on their own. I thought Meetup was for individuals to create!

Progress can't be made with negative thoughts or actions.We must use the Power of Positive Thinking!

Columbus, Ohio, United States #1288899

I’m not a big fan of Meetup’s decision to take a political stand.Partnering with groups such as Planned Parenthood.

I was an organizer for a hiking group in New England.

No more.They will not be getting my semi-annual payment of $85 due next month.


Meetup, you can take your leftist, snowflake, culture of professional v i c t i m h o o d, and your identity politics, and shove them up your r e c t u m right next to where your head is so obviously located.


I totally agree with the original poster's analysis!

The #resist email was not the kind of communication from Meetup we've seen before!It is nauseating.

In my opinion, the #resist email was extremely offensive to me.

I'm tired of companies getting political, pressing an ideological message or placing their 'Orwellian boot on our face', then expecting us to continue to pay for their services/products. Kellogg's etc. etc.

now Meetup.com?!?

Sooner or later, I hope all 'offended individuals' such as I will join with each other and "FILTER OUT" all of these abusively Progressive companies from our purchase decisions so they don't get one red cent ($) for their calls for mayhem.

It could be said, you reap what you invest in.

Well then, Meetup.com can look forward to meeting up with my empty enthusiasm and wallet.You bet I'm a Pissed Off Consumer on this one!


Another liberal snowflake agenda being pushed down my throat in the name of "democracy". Apparently my idea of democracy is cared for by those uber-liberal NYC. Meetup corporate is a total joke.


Here are the company e-mail addresses to complain.

CEO Scott SHeiferman@meetup.com

Trust & Safety Senior Manager jennl@meetup.com

Senior Community Specialist bryanv@meetup.com

Community Team Lead deirdreJ@meetup.com

policy@meetup.com retention@meetup.com

to Anonymous #1288465

Thank you for supplying the email addresses.

to Anonymous #1289398

Oh thank you very much. I've been looking for this info all day.

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