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Meetup.com has recently set up site and country-wide meetup groups encouraging social resistance 'for democracy'.The groups are called "#resist".

These groups are free and sponsored by the Meetup Community HQ (i.e., 'the board'). They flooded members' feeds the other day with political propaganda encouraging people to join these groups due to "concern over where the government is headed". The original banner, which is now gone, also referenced the current election outcome as a key motivator to organizing these groups. Unlike facebook, you cannot block these banners or these groups from showing up in your feed, and unlike facebook, group organizers are charged a fee for this site.

This is absolute political propaganda and pushing a political agenda on a site which is supposed to promote diverse interests of many groups.

I asked them to similarly sponsor groups for unification, but they have not replied yet.I will "#resist" Meetup.com and move my group to Facebook if this propaganda and agenda pushing continues....I cannot support any site that promotes social disharmony or discord through resistance movements!

Reason of review: Pushing a political agenda on a site which is supposed to promote diverse interests.

Preferred solution: Meetup.com should similarly sponsor groups for unity and advertise them as they have the ones for resistance, or remove the political undertones entirely by removing the #resist groups.

I didn't like: Promoting social disharmony via resist groups is very divisive.


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Fairfield, California, United States #1330463

I joined the #resist meetups to post counter events to their agenda, being that the wording on their site is so vague and they are too lazy to assign real organizers to their meetups, so anyone can post any event they want. Who knows if they are to lazy to even monitor what is going on in these meetups! lol


I agree.Liberals seem to feel themselves entitled to short-circuit the democratic process.

They've gone guerilla, even the establishment Democrats, and in the process they're subverting the country's laws and electoral process.

Meetup has signed on to this agenda as well, and I have cancelled my account with Meetup.I voted for Clinton (Bill) and Obama once upon a time; I doubt that I'll ever vote for a Democrat candidate again.


By sending the "Resist" email to their members, Meetup has clearly crossed a line!!Instead of just being a beneficial platform to allow people with common interests to meet together, their organization is now advocating resistance against the United States government in a cause that many, many patriotic Americans, including me, do not agree with.

They appear to be a group of disinformed, millennial snowflakes that have been brainwashed into the idea that there are not people in this world that want to bring harm to American citizens. That many of these people are fanatical Muslims is a matter of fact! Our President signed a lawful executive order in an attempt to provide more protection for American citizens, and now for that reason they want to resist?!

On the other subjects that they mention, there are none on which I can agree with. Their list of partners look like a list of some of the most evil organizations in the world, especially Planned Parenthood.

They are forcing me to take an action that I am very disappointed to have to do - QUIT MEETUP.I can not in good conscience have my name and money appear to be supporting the causes that they are advocating.

Newark, Delaware, United States #1288499

We are moving our group to FB too. I too hope someone can create a viable alternative.

Vancouver, Washington, United States #1288381

I'll add my voice to the others who are outraged that Meetup is pushing their political agenda on everyone who uses Meetup.At first I was incredulous when I saw the banner at sign in.

Then I was livid.

I hope someone out there will seize on this opportunity and create an alternative website to Meetup and hopefully make it easy for entire groups to move their members.


It isn't just the banner, they emailed members with this one sided advocacy of resist groups because they didn't like a temoprary executive order trying to prevent external terrorists from entering the country.Resist groups at best are for election losers and crybaby's but at worst can become cells for internal terrorists and anarchists to recruit members.

The leadership of meetup.com is playing with fire with this advocacy and will get burned.Despite loving the non-political meetup groups I belonged to, I have deleted my meetup.com account.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1286470

I AGREE 100%!!My email was relentlessly spammed with their near-frantic emails to join #resist.

I deleted all my groups too. So sick of this political war declared by the Left! I was an independent voter for 50 years, not anymore!

I will never vote democrat again.They have all gone crazy.

New York, New York, United States #1286454

Just got this email, Good Bye Meetup!!


I wonder how we can join forces to make our voices heard?I cannot believe Meetup has done this.

They have changed their policy so they can push their political agenda by making ALL who join these #Resist groups organizers. I received the email today and viewed their newly created guidelines and see that all groups in the San Francisco bay area started on February 3rd, 2017. Also named sponsors are Planned Parenthood, The Anti-Defamation League, Amnesty Int'l, and The Women's March. Most if not all receive money thru the Open Society Foundation which has ties to George Soros.

So it seems, Meetup has made an unholy alliance.Again, we need to find a way instead of 'going quietly into the night, find a way to make our voices heard.

to Laura Franklin, North Carolina, United States #1290805

Great comment.But our voices were heard, WE WON< TRUMP WON.

The libs are melting down, they are desperate. They are insane, they are emotional and they are rabid. They are trying to infiltrate every corner of America with their rhetoric. Look up the Asheville NC resist group.

They have a calendar of resist meet ups and they also post a code of conduct. To be polite, and so forth. Yet on a current calendar meetup invite at some park in Asheville they list this - Black lives matter, Brown lives matter. How about all lives matter and White lives matter?

What about that? Not only that, but I have been scanning different meetups and see that they are a completely racist org. For instance they have a meet up called "Black people who love outdoor adventure". Really?

Why are meetups now segregated? I am not on FB but if you are, why doesn't someone start a RESIST LIBERALS or a RESIST LIBERAL MEETUPS group? The world has gone crazy.. But we won - We are deplorables and we shall stand proud and strong and united with our amazing president.

Let them put their diapers on and get their binkies and hit the streets.WE WON< TRUMP WON.

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