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Meetup has been my go-to source for trying out new activities and events in my area over the past couple years. I've made several friends, joined a sports team, and generally compiled an awesome list of things to do nearby.

That is until I got a notification in my inbox about this #Resist movement. So now it's okay to put company support behind one wing of the political spectrum after the site's message about fairly representing all sides? Are you kidding me I've always assumed your site was above petty politicking but clearly I was wrong.

I have no problem with people bringing politics into their meetups, but I expected that you as the host site would remain above the whole mess instead of trying to push a particular ideological agenda.

(and I would be just as upset if you came out and created #TrumpWorship groups as well). I know you like to think that the recent executive order violated some boundary, but the only one crossing lines is you,

Reason of review: Politics.

Preferred solution: Get rid of the whole #Resist movement. Let those who want to support it create meetups to do so, and those who do not want to support it do likewise..

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Franklin, North Carolina, United States #1290850



I too am OUTRAGED and sickened by the lefts unacceptance of President Trump. Meet up had no right sending that out and assuming WE are all on he same page we sent Trump to the White House to put an end (hopefully to pathetic PC, keep us safe and respect our LAWS!!!

I am also sick of the double standard!

Meetup and Starbucks need to provide a service they are profiting from citizens of ALL Parties lines and SHUT UP!


Very unfortunate when the parent organization is so blatantly liberal that they can not accept the political system set forth by our Constitution.

I just resigned from MeetUp after several years of active participation. Hope someone starts a successor organization with a non political direction.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1286219

I agree 100%. I'm both saddened and angry about it.

We need a developer to step up and create a new platform. But what really bums me is their contribution to polarization.

to Sunshine #1288441

Ditto! Everyone I know on meetup was just furious.

We all left. These anarchists are poking a sleeping Dragon.

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